Jessi Elliott

Hello Writer Friends!

As you know I'm a big fan of Jessi Elliott. She is an Amazon Bestselling Author and recently released her debut novel Twisted Fate. You can read my review of her book here. However, I wanted to interview her so you could get to know her as well. 


Jessi Elliott is a newly graduated law clerk and debut author of both young adult and new adult romantic fiction. Her love of writing was born after many years of reading and reviewing books on her blog.
She lives in Southwestern Ontario with her family and two adorable cats.
When she’s not plotting her next writing project, she likes to spend her time hanging with friends and family, getting lost in a steamy romance novel, watching Friends, and drinking coffee.

I asked Jessi how old she was when she started writing and if she always wanted to be a writer. She explained that she started writing when she was around twelve and back then, she had no idea that starting that first, so-terrible-it-will-never-see-the-light-of-day story would lead to her publishing her first novel. Growing up, she wanted to be an actress. In high school, she wanted to be a journalist. She went to college for law. Writing sort of just happened along the way and quickly took over her life. I asked Jessi if she planned to make writing her full-time career and she said, "I don’t consider writing my full-time career. I work all day as a real estate law clerk and write during evenings and weekends. Sure, someday I hope to be able to support myself as a writer, but I really enjoy my day job, so I’m in no rush to give it up. I never want to rely on my writing to pay the bills; I think that would put too much pressure on my creativity."

Twisted Fate is a romantic urban fantasy novel, and I asked Jessi if she'd always written this genre. She said, "Romance, yes. Urban fantasy, no. Originally, I thought my debut novel would be a paranormal romance. I also enjoy writing contemporary romance." When asked to give a brief synopsis of Twisted Fate, she said, "It’s a new adult urban fantasy about a college senior who is mistakenly kidnapped by the leader of the fae, so she’s forced to wrap her head around a supernatural world she never imagined before. It’s filled with sass, real-life conflicts, and a lot of steamy romance."

When asked about her favorite character, Jessi went on to explain, "I love them all for different reasons, but I see myself most in Aurora and Skylar. They would tie for my favorite character. They are a lot alike, but neither would ever admit it. They’re both fierce females with sharp tongues. They’d do anything for the people they care about, and I really admire that."

I asked Jessi what her favorite part of the writing process was. She said, "Brainstorming the epic scenes. The ones I can close my eyes and picture perfectly. Those are the best and they make the hard to write scenes worth it." When asked what she considered the hardest part of the writing process she replied, "Outlining. I’m always so impatient. I just want to start drafting the story, so taking the time to basically make a jot note version of the story with less detail is a struggle for me."

I asked Jessi if she had any writing quirks and she said, "I have to listen to music. I pull so much inspiration from the songs on my writing playlists." As far as her favorite writing tools and programs she said, "Spotify for music and Scrivener for writing. Both are definitely worth the expense in my opinion."

When asked if any other authors had inspired her she said, "Absolutely! SO many. Jennifer L. Armentrout is my literary idol. Her writing is the level of epicness I aspire to be. Others that inspire me include Kim Chance, Kristen Martin, Colleen Hoover, and so many others." Jessi also has advice for writers just starting out on their writing journey stating, "Research. And then research more. And when you’re done researching, research some more. Also, don’t be so hard on yourself. No one can write a perfect first draft. Not a single writer. You’re your biggest critic. I also hugely recommend finding writer friends. Find your tribe, they say, and it’s so true. You need a support system."

Jessi is currently working on a spin-off novella that takes place in the Twisted world with her two favorite side characters. She is also plotting a dark paranormal romance and a YA contemporary romance. When asked how long it usually takes her to write a book, Jessi replied, "It depends on what I’m writing. Twisted Fate took about five months with writing on and off, and Twisted Gift, which I’m still working on, has taken at least that long."

To wrap up our interview, I asked Jessi what she was currently reading. She replied, "Too many books to count. I’m in a bit of a slump, especially because most of my time is dedicated to writing."

If you're interested in reading Jessi's book or would like to find out more information about her, you can do so at the links below: