Sophie Fahy

Meet Sophie Fahy. She’s a YA author of books about strong-minded girls who tell a complex & compelling story. 

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I asked Sophie how old she was when she started writing, and if she always wanted to be a writer. She explains, "I was around thirteen. LUCKY THIRTEEN of course. I was going through the geeky stage, where I didn’t want to go out all the time with friends, instead I preferred to sit in my bedroom, music on full blast, dancing around in my underwear and writing until my little heart was content. I didn’t always want to be a writer, purely on the fact that I didn’t think I was good enough. So instead my dream was to become a social worker and someday maybe publish a book.”

When I asked Sophie if she planned to make writing her full-time career she said, "Oh my, so, so, much. It’s all I want now. I hope one day I get there! I don’t mind my job at the moment but I feel like I need to be writing constantly. I love the writing community and all I want to be able to do is spend my time amongst it and publish more books.”

Sophie's debut novel Through Her Eyes is out now! When asked to give a brief synopsis of her novel she said, "Through Her Eyes is my debut novel. It is about a girl who becomes partially blind at her best friend’s end-of-summer party. It challenges drinking, bullying, drugs and all things relatable as a teen. My main protagonist realizes that life is not always black and white, sometimes it’s a thousand shades of grey. And when this becomes her twisted reality, it’s easy for the shadows to take over. Three suspects, one love and a whole lot of family drama.”

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When asked about her favorite character in this novel, Sophie said, "Her father. Aw, man, he’s so loveable. He’s everything you need in a father. Kind, caring, authoritative but also lenient, understandable. He’s Alyssa’s rock, and she’s his, even when he doesn’t know it.”

I also asked Sophie what her favorite part of the writing process was and she said, "Writing the first words, getting it together so it creates something other than an outline. There’s something about seeing the word count expand that thrills me!" When asked what she considered the hardest part of the writing process she replied, "EDITING, EDITING, EDITING. I hate it. Like bury my head in a book, to try and avoid it, hate it. I just can’t deal with the constant re-reads, there’s nothing thrilling about marking your paper red. NOTHING AT ALL.”

I asked Sophie if she had any writing quirks and she said, "I have Spotify; I’m always creating playlists. Ice cream, mmm, cookie dough and chocolate fudge brownie. Lucozade and coffee!" When asked if any other authors had inspired her she said, "There are so many authors that inspire me. Courtney Summers is my main author due to creating characters I relate with. There are lots of self-published authors as well, too many to list, but are all following me on my social media. I’m in awe of what they do and everything they accomplish.”

I asked Sophie how long it typically takes her to write a book and she said, "Oo. It depends really. My debut took me years and years because I didn’t have a place to write. I went to university and had a child. Obstacles got in the way. I’m hoping to finish the book I’m writing now by December. I started it in March time?” Sophie also has advice for writers just starting out on their writing journey stating, "Be kind to yourself. Dream big. Don’t give up and keep going no matter what. The journey only just begins when you write that first sentence. It’s a long journey but so worth it at the end of it all!”

I asked Sophie about her plans for future books. She said, "My next book is going to be a four book series about four girls who end up in the same foster home. Each character will have a very different, difficult backstory, tackling abuse in so many ways; physical, emotional, sexual. I tackle grooming and even tackle Mutism. Although their backstory will be deep, I am trying to balance the light with the dark, so the story isn’t too deep the reader can’t handle it. As a mother, a writer, a dreamer, believer, as a friend, a daughter, someone who hopes, someone who wants to help and as a girl who’s witnessed what abuse can do to a person, even when they still have a smile planted on their face and still continue life, like nothing ever happened....I can’t wait to finish my first book in this series.”⠀

To wrap up our interview, I asked Sophie what she was currently reading. She replied, "I have just finished Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi. I’m about to start A Blade So Black by L.L. McKinney.”

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