Prep-tober Week Five: Writing Tools, Software, and Motivation

Welcome back to the blog! Today is the fifth and final week of my Prep-tober Series. We're discussing writing tools, software, and motivation.

To succeed at NaNoWriMo, you need to write 50,000 words in thirty days during the month of November. With Thanksgiving, Black Friday sales, and other commitments winning can be extremely hard. However, there are writing tools and software that will help you write, plan, and count your way to the finish line. To make things easier, I've compiled a list of some my favorite tools and software down below.

Writing Software: 

·       Microsoft Word: One of the most popular word processors around, you can also use this Windows program on a Mac. To purchase and download this processor, click here.

·       Pages: This is the word processor that comes with Mac OS. For more information click here.

·       Open Office: This is a word processor that is just as good as Word or Pages, but it's free! For more information and to download click here.

·       Scrivener: If Microsoft Word or Pages (Mac's word processor) just aren't cutting it you might want to give Scrivener a try. It's available for both Mac and PC, and it combines the strength of a word processor with other tools for writers such as corkboard templates for outlining, character and setting sketches for character development and world-building, and it allows you to save and backup drafts automatically. Scrivener is currently offering a thirty-day trial, but the best part is that that trial is thirty days of actual use. So, if you only write four days a week, after two weeks you will have only used eight days of your trial. To take advantage of the free trial and get more information click here.

Other Writing Tools:

·       Dropbox: You don't want to get to thirty thousand words and then lose all your work. I recommend downloading Dropbox and setting up your writing software to automatically backup your work to Dropbox. This way you can give yourself peace of mind knowing your manuscript is safe and sound. You can download Dropbox here.

·       Evernote/Onenote/Something Similar: You're going to be away from your computer from time to time and you need a place to write down the great ideas that pop into your head throughout the day. I recommend installing and using a note app on your phone. This way you can quickly jot down all the amazing ideas that come your way and have something to reference when you actually sit down to write. You can download Evernote here and Onenote here.

·       A notebook and pen/pencil: Not everyone likes using a computer. Some prefer to write their manuscript by hand and NaNoWriMo allows you to achieve your fifty thousand word goal this way as well. Go ahead and purchase a dedicated notebook and make sure you have plenty of pens and pencils on hand to use when November 1st comes.


Let's face it. Even with the best of intentions, you're bound to get stressed out and overwhelmed at some point during NaNoWriMo. To combat this, I recommend writing inspirational quotes and sticking them around your writing space or creating an inspiration board that you can hang up in your office. In case you need some good quotes to use I reached out to some friends on Twitter to help me round up some inspirational quotes.

·       "You will get an email from a fan, thanking you for writing their favorite book." - @Ferishta_Ganga on Twitter

·       "Write like it matters, and it will." - Libba Bray

·       "Step into a scene and let it drip from your fingertips." - MJ Bush

·       "To gain your own voice, you have to forget about having it heard." - Allen Ginsberg, WD

·       "A professional writer is an amateur who didn't quit." - Richard Bach

·       "Write what you love and want to read. You have to be your first fan or the world will destroy you." - @authorSDThomas on Twitter

·       "A crappy first draft is worth more than a non-existing one." - Pinterest

·       "It's a slow process, but quitting won't speed it up." - Pinterest

It is my goal that armed with the above software, tools, and motivational quotes you will succeed come November 30th and meet your goal of writing fifty thousand words. If you have any other inspirational quotes or writing tools/software that you want to include please leave them down below.

Happy Writing!

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