Two Easy Steps to Help You Engage More With Your Readers

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Hello again!

I released a new freebie this week. If you signed up for my newsletter before Wednesday, you wouldn't have received this freebie. Therefore, I included it in the Resource Library. It is titled Author Branding Freebie and it is currently live as you read this post. Feel free to download it and let me know what you think!

In step five of this five-step author branding freebie, I encourage you to know your ideal reader and give you tips to do so. However, once you know your ideal reader it is important to interact with them. How so? Below I'll outline two easy and successful ways to start interacting with your readers and ultimately build and grow your fanbase. 

Step One: Connect With Your Ideal Reader

How will readers know about your book if you aren't constantly trying to reach out and engage with them? A good way to engage with them is to form genuine relationships and connections with them through other interests. Are there popular books in your genre that you enjoy as well and that have a huge fandom? Find Facebook groups, online forums, Twitter chats, or fan fiction groups for those books. Start a conversation and reach out to people in those groups about those already popular books.  Or, are there writing Facebook groups, Twitter chats, or forums for your chosen genre? Join them. Is someone else releasing a novel? Read it and leave comments about aspects of their novel that you enjoyed. You must give in order to receive. Eventually, you will be able to introduce your book but you want to do so in a non-sleazy way. Meaning...

Step Two: Avoid Ruthless Self-Promotion

Do Not jump on a Facebook group, Twitter Chat, or fan site and constantly leave posts encouraging others to read your book because it's awesome, amazing, wonderful, will leave you in tears, etc. To be honest, no one cares. We're at a point in our lives where we're interested in forming real connections with real people that we can have real conversations with. People like it when you put them first and yourself second. In those Facebook chats, online forums, Twitter chats, or fan fiction groups introduce yourself as a writer and share a few lines about your book but also reach out to others about their books. Post brief updates about your novel, if possible and allowed, but also pay attention when other writers post updates about their books. Ask other users to read a scene or a chapter from your book, but be sure to do the same for others. This way, other people in these groups see that you aren't just after them for reviews, money, or more downloads, but that you genuinely care about them and their pursuits as well. This will build lasting and loyal friendships that ultimately lead to active and supportive readers. 

Once you've connected with and built friendships with your ideal readers, you can invite them to your website, blog, social media, etc. where you can shamelessly feel free to self-promote and engage with readers about YOUR novel.

Do you have any other reader engagement tips? Feel free to leave them in the comments down below. 

Talk to you soon!