What The Goodreads Giveaway Change Means For You As An Author

Goodreads Giveaway Change.png

For the last couple of years many authors, especially indie authors, have used Goodreads to giveaway copies of their books. The process is simple and straightforward: Readers click a button to enter, confirm some details, Goodreads picks a winner when the giveaway concludes, and the author is responsible for mailing the book out. 

Up until now, this process has always been free, but on November 29th, Goodreads announced that they would start charging authors for this program. Starting January 9th, the site is introducing two packages for their giveaway program. You can find out more information here, but I've also summarized the two packages below. 

  • Standard: This package allows you to giveaway a print book or Kindle ebook for $119 each for up to 100 copies. This type of giveaway is optimized to help you drive more buzz and get your book on more Want-to-Read lists. 
  • Premium: This package allows you to giveaway a print book or Kindle ebook for $599 each. It includes all of the features of the premium package but will also give you more chances to connect with more readers by placing your book on the Giveaways homepage on Goodreads. 

Any giveaway created between January 9th and January 31, 2018, will get special introductory pricing. Standard giveaways will only cost $59 per giveaway, and Premium giveaways will only cost $299 per giveaway. 

Some authors, especially indie authors, have expressed outrage and disappointment with this new feature. Goodreads is an excellent platform to help indie authors get their books in the hands of potential readers, but now those authors will have to pay to give away their work. Thus, new readers will only have the chance of discovering books whose authors can spend extra money on giveaways, and this could make it even harder for many indie authors, who don't have elaborate budgets, to get their names and their books out into the world. 

Other authors argue indie doesn't necessarily mean free. Publishing a book, especially as an indie author, costs a lot of money when you add in editing and cover design costs and $119 is a small price to pay to get your book a little more visibility. 

Where do you stand on this issue? Are you outraged or do you see this as another expense to factor into your publishing budget and increase your book's visibility? Let me know in the comments down below!

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