January/February 2018 Bi-Monthly Goals

Jan:Feb Goals.png

As we embark on a new year, I’m back again with a bi-monthly goals blog post. As a writer with a full-time job, I need to set deadlines and goals to move forward and grow both in my professional career, and my writing career. I’ve found that I tend to do better with bi-monthly goals as they are more manageable and short-term. Last November, I set ten goals for myself, and to succeed, I wanted to meet at least eight of these goals.

My November/December 2017 Goals were:

1   Win NaNoWriMo

2   Finish New Freebie by November 8, 2017

3   Release a new Blog Post every Sunday

4   Release a new Blog Post to the Resource Library every Saturday (You can get instant access to my Resource Library for email subscribers by signing up here.)

5   Read at least four books 

6   Attend at least two painting classes

7   Exercise at least three days a week

8   Journal Daily

9   Finish Secret Project by the end of December

10  Book four editing clients

I failed horribly. My failure occurred mainly with my personal life goals. I didn’t read four books. I didn’t attend two painting classes. I didn’t exercise three days a week. I didn’t journal daily. 

As far as my writing/blog related goals went, I met all but one. I won NaNoWriMo (by the skin of my teeth), listed two freebies (which you can find here and here), released blog posts twice a week, and booked four editing clients. However, I did not finish my secret project. I’m very close to finishing it, and I hope to launch it on the site later this month, but it was not completed by the end of December.

So, am I going to declare myself a failure and give up? No.

The truth is we all fail to meet goals and deadlines sometimes. Even with the best of intentions, that book may not get written by a certain date, we might fail NaNoWriMo, we might fail to get a publisher, we might fail to make a living as a writer, and sometimes we just might not feel inspired to write. The point is that we shouldn’t give up or see ourselves as failures. Instead, we should learn from the mistakes we make and continue to move forward. Therefore, following the advice from my previous blog post on setting attainable goals, I performed a self-review, reevaluated my goals, and made some changes.

For instance, I realized daily journaling just isn’t for me. I love to write, but I don’t like writing my thoughts down in a journal. Instead, I prefer to keep a gratitude list and write down one thing I’m thankful for each day.

I also realized I’m not Superwoman. I can’t do it all. No matter how much I want more than twenty-four hours in a day, I’m not God. Therefore, I decided last month to end my editing services. I was devoting too much time to editing someone else's manuscript, and not to writing my own. I didn’t have time to read, or practice self-care because I was worried about meeting editing deadlines or searching for new clients.

So, I’m still going to set goals for this month and the next, but I’m changing my goals up and striving for balance. Once again, to succeed, I want to meet at least eight of these goals.

My January/February 2018 Goals are:

1  Release a new post on the website every Sunday

2  Release a new blog post to the Resource Library every Saturday

3  Read at least two books a month

4  Release secret project at the end of the month (It’s a book coaching program, but more on that when it releases!)

5  Post chapters of my debut novel to Wattpad twice a month (Nothing is live yet, but my username is authorjadeyoung.)

6  Interact weekly with my critique partners

7  Send out two emails a month to my subscriber list. (You can sign-up here.)

8  Reorganize my blog (I’m having a logo created and cleaning some things up.)

9 Write down a grateful thought every day

10 Strive for balance in everything

I hope this blog post was helpful, and that by looking at my goals, and failures, you can move forward and set easy and attainable goals on your writing journey. What goals have you set for yourself? I would love to hear from you down below!