Three Tips to Help You Make Progress In Your Writing Journey

All writers reach a point in their writing career where they feel stuck. Many of us dream of the time when we can sit at home and write uninterrupted to our heart’s content. However, we have full-time jobs, children, spouses, and busy lives. How can we continue moving forward in our writing journey and make progress when it feels like we’re stuck?

-Stop Letting Excuses Rule Your Life: Can you relate to one or more of the following statements?

“I’m too tired to write tonight, I’ll just watch Netflix instead.”

“A new book came out this week! I’ll read that instead of writing tonight.”

“I have to take the kids to practice and cook dinner. Looks like there won’t be any writing tonight!”

If so, I want you to challenge yourself to leave the excuses at the door. There will never be a perfect time to write. Many authors have written, edited, and published books while handling busy households, children, and full-time jobs. You can be one of those authors too if you turn your excuses into action. See below how I did this using the statements from earlier.

“I’m really tired tonight. Instead of dedicating an hour to writing, I’ll set a timer for thirty minutes.”

“A new book came out this week! I’ll make it a goal tonight to write a thousand words and reward myself with a reading session in the bath.”

“I have to take the kids to practice and cook dinner! There won’t be any writing tonight, but this is a perfect opportunity to listen to a writing podcast episode or two!”

-Do It For You: Writing is already a solitary endeavor. However, when coupled with friends or family members that encourage you to pursue a “real” career and leave your “crazy” dreams behind writing can be next to impossible. Honestly, a number of people pursue their “crazy” dreams without encouragement. You can too! Prove your friends and family members wrong by doing the work. Write, edit, publish, and market your book like a pro. Take the time to think about why you write and use that answer to push yourself forward when it seems like everyone else in your life is holding you back.

-Positive Vibes Only: You’re going to experience criticism and negativity if you choose to go down this path. However, you can control who and what you surround yourself with. Surround yourself with supportive people in the writing community. Enlist the help of critique partners, beta readers, and writing groups. Delete negative comments that don’t provide constructive criticism. Toughen up and be on the defensive when it comes to your writing life. Don’t give anyone the power to stop you from reaching your goals and moving forward in your writing journey.

You’ve got this writer and I promise you, you’re going to go on to do great things!

I hope this blog post was helpful in helping you make progress in your writing journey. If you have any other questions or additional tips, please leave them in the comments down below! 

Happy Writing!