Self-Care for Writers

Writing can be mentally and emotionally draining. Writers experience periods of burnout, writing ruts, doubt, overwhelm, creative slumps, and dry spells. However, there is something all writers can do to stay grounded.


Now, I know what you’re thinking. Jade! I barely have time to fit writing into my busy schedule. How am I going to find time to fit in self-care?! You’re right. As writers, we live busy lives. But, if we aren’t healthy and if we don’t take time to care for our minds and bodies then we won’t be able to write. We won’t be able to do what we love. Therefore, we need to make time for self-care in order to stay balanced, stay healthy, and ultimately give us more time to write.

Self-Care for the mind: Ideas and inspiration come from the mind. However, everyday tasks can quickly deplete the mind before we get a chance to sit down and write. Therefore, it’s important to find time to care for our minds. This could be as simple as taking 5-10 minutes before a writing session to close our eyes and just breathe. (Don’t forget to set an alarm so you don’t fall asleep!) Or, we could try to squeeze in 15-30 minutes a day for journaling and reading.

We also want to free our minds from negative thoughts. There will always be people who think writing is a waste of time or people who think that our writing sucks. We need to stop caring about what others think. If writing is something that we enjoy, we need to focus less on the haters and the doubters and more on honing our craft. This could be as simple as spending a couple of minutes a day listening to a writing podcast, reading a writing-related blog post, or watching a YouTube video about writing.

Self-Care for the body: Just as it is important to care for our minds, it is equally as important to care for our bodies. Now, I’m not asking you to run out and sign-up for a membership program or join a gym. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to do this. Instead, take a brisk walk around your neighborhood or a local park. Stretch daily. Follow along with an exercise routine on YouTube. Light a candle. Have a bubble bath. Replace unhealthy snacks with healthy ones. Keep it simple.

I know all of this might seem overwhelming, but by setting aside just thirty minutes a day to put one or two things above into practice, I promise you that you’ll see improvements in your writing and in your life.

I hope this blog post was helpful in helping you make room for self-care in your writing journey. If you have any other questions or additional tips, please leave them in the comments down below! 

Happy Writing!