Five Ways to Write Plot Twists that Surprise and Hook Readers

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This week I’m thrilled to introduce to you a wonderful writer and friend of mine, Jade Young. Her insight on writing technique is valuable to anyone who wants to write a great book (and that’s everyone, amiright??) So why wait a moment longer? Read her awesome article below and check out her website for more great writing technique info!:

One of my favorite books is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. The plot twists were amazing and set up in such a way that I was hooked and read the entire book in one night.  However, many writers, especially new ones, fear away from adding plot twists to their novel. A plot twist that is too predictable, or cliché, can be detrimental to your story. However, a plot twist that is unexpected, but still plausible, can do wonders for your story and have readers talking about it for months, and years, to come. 

How can we, as writers, write compelling plot twists that surprise and hook readers? Below I’ve outlined five tips that have helped me, and hopefully, can help you too. 

1. Brainstorm

One of the best things you can do for your story is brainstorming. As you write your story, ask yourself: 

  • What direction does it seem like the story is heading in?

  • What potential plot twists come to mind?

  • What does it seem like your protagonist needs to do, or overcome, to succeed?

Write down as many answers as you can to these questions, and then do everything in your power to make sure your answers don’t end up in your final manuscript.

The key to a successful plot twist is to create a twist that no one saw coming, and chances are if you could foresee it, then your readers can too. 

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