Pick A Title For Your Book In Three Easy Steps!

If you're like me, one of the hardest parts of the book writing process isn't writing the book, editing the book, or even marketing the book. In fact, what seems like the easiest part of the book, ultimately becomes the hardest - Picking the Title.

Yes! Your book, your baby, deserves the best title you can give it! This is your literary child and it must have the best name possible! Just as naming an actual child can be a long and frustrating process for parents, picking the title of your book can be just as hard. Therefore, I've compiled a list of three easy steps to help you take the stress out of picking your book title.

-Step One: Brainstorm

Take a week or so to brainstorm a list of title ideas. The goal is to pick something that is unique and makes your book stand out from the crowd. Ask yourself: What makes my book different or new? Is there a theme or symbol that keeps popping up? Can I use a character's name or occupation? Is there an important piece of dialogue I could use? Can I play around with different adjectives or verbs? Is there a particular song or lyric that I thought about as I wrote this book? Keep asking yourself these questions until you can come up with about ten potential title ideas.

-Step Two: Narrow Down The List

Take a look at your list of names. Your goal now is to narrow this list down to three to five potential title ideas. Google your title. Is it already taken by a bestselling author? Take it out. Have a ton of other authors already used this title? Take it out. Is your title the name of a weird product or associated with a well-known scandal? Take it out. You want your book to come up first if someone was to Google its title. You also want to make sure your title isn't misleading and matches your genre. The goal is not to have someone buy your book and then leave a comment stating that they were completely misled by your title and your book wasn't what they thought it would be. If a title seems misleading, take it out. 

-Step Three: Query

Once you've narrowed your list down to three to five potential ideas it's time to find the perfect one. Look at your list. Is there a name that you've come to love and think would fit your book perfectly? If so, congratulations you've found your book title! If not, it's time to query the masses. Reach out to your beta readers or critique partners with your list and ask them which title they think resonates best with your book. If they can't give you a clear answer, reach out on social media to your target audience and create a poll. 

By this point, you should have found the perfect title for your book. However, if you follow all of the steps above and are still struggling, don't stress! The more you write, and edit, your book, the easier it will be to pick the perfect title. Remember, you're about to publish a book! Enjoy the process and keep it fun! In time, you're going to find the title that resonates best with you!

Happy Writing!