May/June 2018 Bi-Monthly Goals

May June Goals.png

I did a horrible job with my goals these last two months (March and April). However, I also got a much needed motivational kick in the butt from a fellow writer via her email list (Amara Luciano) that I'm going to share with all of you in case you're struggling like I am.

Quick recap. Last March I set ten goals and in order to succeed I wanted to meet at least eight of them. There were as follows:

1. Release a new post on the website every Sunday. (Success!)

2.  Release a new blog post to the Resource Library every Saturday. (Success!)

3.  Read at least two books a month. (Success!)

4. Post a new chapter of my novel on Wattpad at least twice a month. (Fail)

5. Interact weekly with my critique partners. (Fail)

6. Send out two emails a month to my subscriber list. You can sign-up here. (Success!)

7. Win Camp NaNoWriMo. You can view my profile here.  (Fail)

8. Arrange two guest blogging posts. (Success!)

9. Plan out blog content at least a month in advance every month. (Success!)


As you can see, I failed to meet four of my goals and they are all related to actually writing, and finishing, my book! Ugh! What is going on?! I'm doing great with running this blog, but it seems like its taking forever to actually write my book. Just as I was starting to feel discouraged, a lovely email from the lovely Amara Luciano popped up in my inbox. The subject line was "Don't Use Your Author Platform as an Excuse Not to Write."

*cue jaw drop* And can we get an amen for authors helping other authors?! This is why I enjoy watching Authortube and subscribing to a lot of other author's newsletters. We're all going through the same issues and problems. You never know when another author will say something that motivates you or can help you out with an issue or problem you're facing. 

Basically, Amara hit the nail on the head for my situation. I have two main goals in life. To become a published author and to help other authors in their author journeys. I'm doing great on the latter, but I need to get serious and spend more time on the former. My goal isn't for writing books to be a side project or a hobby. Instead, I want writing to be a career - and that means I need to get serious. 

Does this mean I'm abandoning you, and this blog? No! That would make me too sad. I love interacting with all of you. However, my other weaknesses (Netflix, Hulu, Movies, etc.) need to fade into the background for a little bit while I finish writing my book. This story means the world to me and I want it to mean something to others too. But, it can't if it stays in my head for all eternity. 

So, my goals for the next two months are going to be dedicated to my novel and I'm only setting five goals for myself. There are as follows:

1. Interact weekly with my CP

2. Finish at least 75% of my first draft

3. Work with graphic designer to get sketches of five main characters started

4. Update story bible 

5. Work on story aesthetic for novel

Do you struggle to set attainable goals? Check out my first Bi-Monthly Goals blog post where I go into detail about setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely) goals for your author career and writing journey. (I'll be re-reading this article myself tonight!) Do you have any additional tips for goal-setting? What goals have you set for yourself? Be sure to leave a comment down below! And be sure to check out the lovely Amara and subscribe to her email list for more helpful tips

Happy Writing!