Five Lessons Learned While Writing My Debut Novel

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Hello, my lovely and wonderful followers! This month, I've handed over the keys! I've sent my child away for sleep-away camp! I've ... well, I've let fellow writer Jade Young full access to my blog, and given her full approval to post here for all of you. Join me in welcoming Jade to my page, and let's dive in!

Ah! I’ve been at this writing game for a year now, and I still find myself making mistakes and learning lessons every single time I sit down to write. Every single time, I overcome a writing hurdle and feel like I’ve finally made it and I’m a successful writer, there’s always another obstacle to push me back on my butt and keep me humble. The truth is, as writers there will always be something new to learn or some obstacle to overcome. However, we don’t all have to make the same mistakes or overcome the same struggles. It is my hope that by sharing my writing struggles and lessons learned with you, that you can avoid some of the many pitfalls I’ve struggled with in the past.

Lesson One - Don’t Lose Your Joy

Don’t be afraid to experiment, try new things, and make mistakes. Writing is extremely hard, but it can also be fun. If you make a mistake, don’t beat yourself up, be kind to yourself. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Also, don’t put unnecessary deadlines on yourself, or feel that you have to put out a bestseller or you’ll be the joke of the writing community. The truth is, whether one person, one hundred people, or thousands of people read your book, nothing can compare to the real reason you write. It’s not for the money, for the reviews, or for the success – it’s because writing brings your joy. It’s your passion. And I promise you, if you write because it lights you up and makes you happy, then you can overcome every single struggle and hurdle your author journey throws at you. (If you’ve fallen out of love with writing, check out this amazing article by Kristen Kieffer to help you rediscover that love.)

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