What To Include On An Author Website If You Haven't Written A Book

Many newbie authors want to create an author website, but feel that they can’t because they may not have any published books yet. However, it is essential that any writer, published or not, create an author website. Why? Because you can share so much with readers! They can see what your working on, find out more information about you, read your blog, purchase your books, and see the services you offer.

Where do you start? What essentials should you include? Below, I’ve compiled a list of what I feel are essential for any author website.

-Create an Author Bio:

I would make this a separate page in an About Me section, but you can also include a shortened form on your homepage. Your main bio should be on average between 100-300 words, but feel free to include as much information as you feel readers need to know. Most importantly, include a picture so readers can actually see what you look like! I recommend using the same picture that you use on your social media pages.

-Create a Contact Page/Form:

Encourage people to connect with you! This helps you create a relationship with readers on a deeper level via email or snail mail and allows organizations to contact you for events and possible business opportunities.


I definitely recommend starting and staying consistent with a blog. Not only does this increase your SEO, but readers will also start to see you as an “expert” on certain topics and be willing to visit your site more frequently. The good thing is you can blog about almost anything. You can do book updates, writing tips and advice articles, book reviews, author interviews, and more!

-Newsletter Sign-Up:

Start collecting email addresses from the beginning. Entice readers with an opt-in or a freebie, and treat them like royalty. Do giveaways and share writing updates, book news, or events. This way, when you’re ready to publish your book, you’ll have a dedicated list of people who’ve followed you on this writing journey from the beginning and will be more likely to purchase, read, and review your book.


Yes. Books. Whether you’ve already written a book, or are in the middle of writing a book, it’s important to have a page dedicated to each book. Be sure to display the book cover (if you don’t have one yet, I would show a novel aesthetic), include a brief synopsis of the book, and list where you are in the writing process. (Drafting, editing, querying, publishing, etc.) Once your book is published, or you’ve sent out ARCs and gotten reviews, I would pick 3-5 good reviews to include at the bottom of the page. At this point you can also include links to retailers where your books are available for sale, or links where readers can purchase signed copies of your books.

I hope this blog post answers any questions you may have about building an author website. If you have any other questions or additional tips, please leave them in the comments down below! 

Happy Writing!


Note: If you would like to see an example of an author who is not yet published, but has created a fabulous author website using Wix, show off her author website design click on this link.