How To Write Physical Descriptions

Many writers, despite crafting amazing character profiles, struggle to describe their characters in their novel. They want the readers to see the character exactly how they envision him or her in their mind, yet, they don’t want to say too much. How, can we as writers, share enough details to make our characters seem real without going overboard? Read on for my two tips.

Focus On The Essentials:

When it comes to crafting a character profile, the basic features of a character are their face, hair, skin color, body shape, and defining characteristics. It is best for authors to take the time to create a character profile before they describe their character. Why? If the character isn’t real in the author’s eyes, how can he or she be real in the reader’s eyes? Also, try not to go overboard with metaphors and analogies. Readers have seen and heard all of these before. Instead, try to be unique.

Understand Relationships:

Would you describe your mom and your spouse in the same way? No! While these are both people you love, you have different relationships and a different type of love with each of them. It’s the same for your protagonist. While he or she might talk more about the physical characteristics of someone they like, a family member would probably have more of an emotional impact on them and be described more in terms of their personality. Before writing, take the time to hash out your protagonist’s relationships and understand how he or she views each character. Then, when it comes times to introduce those characters in your novel, you can introduce them the same way you would introduce your Mom, partner, or best friend to someone else.

I hope this blog post answers any questions you may have about writing character descriptions. If you have any other questions or additional tips, please leave them in the comments down below! 

Happy Writing!