How to Overcome Writer's Block

Writer's Block.png

Have you ever felt stuck in your writing journey? Is it taking you months, or even years, to publish your novel? Is it taking you months, or even years, to finish writing your first draft? You are not alone. Writer's block affects all writers and for different reasons.

Personally, I struggle with writer's block for two reasons: Fear and Perfectionism. I'm afraid to put my work out there and have everyone critique it. Therefore, I want everything to be perfect. Sometimes, I'm guilty of spending hours researching so everything can be perfect before I even start to type. 

And then, due to engaging in writing sprints on Instagram, I accidentally stumbled upon the perfect solution.


It's that simple. I start out writing just a couple of sentences about anything that relates to my story. This could be a snippet of dialogue, a character profile description, or a description of a particular place in my story. It doesn't have to be something that will even make it into my novel or even be presentable; I just need to start writing. 

The problem was I was focusing so much on fear, perfection, and self-doubt that I lost sight of what was truly important to me - writing. I love to write, and even if what I write is horrible, that doesn't matter because the first draft is going to suck anyway.

Yes. All first drafts suck. No first draft needs to be or is even capable of being perfect. It just needs to be written. I can improve it later. I can send it out to beta readers later. I can worry about the word count, the cover design, and everything else later, because truthfully, without a proper first draft none of those things are ever going to come about or happen. 

However, if you do sit down and write (because I promise this works!) and still suffer from writer's block, try one of the following tips below:

  • Go for a walk
  • Brainstorm
  • Change your environment
  • Read a book
  • Listen to music 
  • Read some inspiring quotes
  • Create a writing routine

I hope this article, and these tips, are helpful in helping you overcome writer's block. If you have any additional questions or tips, please leave them in the comments down below!

Happy writing!