My NaNoWriMo Project and Epistolary Fiction

My NaNoWriMo Project and Epistolary Fiction

Raven Larson is 25 years old, late on her rent, the unwilling pet parent of a husky named Milo, and praying to God that the electric company doesn't turn off her lights.

Fired, dumped, and feeling depressed she turns to blogging to keep her mind off her failed job interviews (five and counting). Trying to hold on to the lifestyle she once had, she starts selling off her designer handbags and shoes that Milo hasn't chewed or ruined while desperately hoping she can keep it all together and show her parents, and the world, that she is a stable young adult.

As bills go unpaid, bill collectors call more often, and her landlord threatens to evict her can Raven keep it all together?

Told through text messages, emails, blog posts, and voicemails can Raven Larson manage to get it together before everything comes crashing down around her?

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