Eight Lessons Learned While Writing My First Novel

Eight Lessons Learned While Writing My First Novel

Please join me in welcoming author Samantha Davidson to the blog!

Writing is one heck of an adventure. One that’s designated for those with creativity bursting from deep within their soul, for those with wild imaginations, extravagant vocabularies and a serious case of self-deprecation. (If you haven’t experienced the latter, give it time!) Don’t get me wrong, I truly believe we need more writers in this world, but while writing my first novel, there were lessons – oh so many lessons – to learn, and which I feel it only fair to share with you now. You’re welcome!

First, I would like to thank Jade for letting me take over her blog this week. It’s always exciting being able to share your knowledge, skill, sarcasm, and sometimes slightly off-kilter sense of humor, with a new community. 

So back to my lessons. I am going to share with you, my top eight lessons learned while writing my first novel. 

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