Author Coaching Program

Does this sound like you?

Has an idea been brewing in your mind these last couple of months, but you don’t know how to get it from your brain onto paper?  Or, do you have a couple of notes together and a basic story outline, but you can’t seem to find the motivation to finally start writing? Are you almost done with your manuscript, but you can't seem to find the time, or the willpower, to finish it? 

Let me be your personal writing coach and cheer you on to the finish line. I’ve been writing for almost eight years and I’ve been a personal writing coach for the past year. Together, we'll take your idea and turn it into a doable outline. Then, we'll create a writing schedule that fits into your busy lifestyle and work on transforming your outline into a manuscript. Finally, I'll be there week after week to motivate you to press on and work with you to overcome any pesky plot holes, so you can finish with a polished manuscript that will draw your potential readers in - and keep them there.  

As a bonus, I’ll also help you build, maintain, and grow you author platform along the way. Thinking about using Patreon or Skillshare? Interested in learning how you can use Pinterest to maximize your engagement? Having trouble managing your social media platforms, starting a blog, or coming up with valuable promotional content/freebies? I can help you with all of the above and more! 

With this service, you'll receive:

  • An introductory 60-minute call so we can discuss your goals/objectives and create a writing schedule that works best for you.

  • Two 60-minute calls a month so we can review your progress, and I can answer your questions, offer feedback, address any issues or challenges, and set additional goals for the next call. This is a great stepping stone to help you hold yourself accountable, and to help you continue moving forward.

  • Unlimited email and social media support as well as weekly reminders and check-ins, so I can help you with any issues that arise, or celebrate any wins, between calls.

  • Discounted rates on editing services through reliable partnerships I've set up with editors upon completion of your manuscript.  

  • Discounted rate on my proofreading service

  • Free basic manuscript formatting for print or eBook upon completion of an edited or proofread manuscript.

  • Other discounted and free goodies from myself and other authors based upon your specific needs 

Your Investment:

3-Month Contract: $600 ($200 a month, billed monthly.)

*Payments are set up via recurring payments on PayPal, and due monthly. A contract must also be signed for our protection. 


- Why is your cheapest option a 3-month commitment?

Writing a book takes time. The three-month commitment gives us enough time to work together, see real results, and establish a good working relationship. 

-What if I already have an outline or have already written part of my novel?

That's awesome! We can use your outline to help us establish weekly writing, or page, goals. If you've already written part of your novel, I’ll be there to give you the support you need to stay focused, on track, and motivated to bring your novel from story idea to polished manuscript!

-Why do I need a writing coach?

Writing a book is often a lonely process. The only person you really have keeping you accountable is you and sometimes we can't do it all by ourselves. As your personal writing coach, and cheerleader, I'll offer you guidance, accountability, and structure. Your book coaching package will be tailored to your specific needs and unique to you. 

Do you have additional questions? Ready to get started? Click the button below to schedule a free fifteen-minute discovery call with me so we can get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit! 


Being able to have Jade as my Author Coach for the last two months was seriously a game changer! With her help, I was able to come up with and accomplish a myriad of important goals for my writing and author platform, set and keep realistic but ambitious deadlines, and find effective routines that worked well for my lifestyle. Jade was always extremely organized and informed, encouraging me and keeping me accountable every step of the way, as she helped me grow my platform and finish outlining not just one, but two books! I’m so grateful to have worked with her and would definitely recommend her to any writer who is struggling or looking to make massive strides with their writing and career!
— Brittany Wang (

Wondering what it is like to have a Writing Coach?? In today's video I'm introducing you to my author coach, Author Jade Young of and how much she has helped me over the last few months!