The Lights Out Club

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About the Author: E.C. Woodham is a Charleston, SC-based author of new adult novels. She has been writing stories almost since she learned to spell. Though writing has always been her true passion, she obtained a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a degree in Marketing from Georgia Southern University in 2015. Following graduation, she continued to write while working full-time and actually wrote her first full draft of a novel while working the late-night shift at the Savannah International Airport.

Woodham has loved the South Carolina Lowcountry since she was a child and vacationed on Edisto Island, SC every summer, but she never imagined that she would end up moving to the Charleston area in 2016.

When she isn’t writing, Emma is working on her Charleston lifestyle blog, Peaches & Palmettos, and exploring Charleston and its extensive restaurant scene with her husband, Ryan, and their two dogs: Goose & Poppy.

Genre: New Adult

Synopsis: They thought it was going to be a quiet summer at the beach...

As children, Ellie Taylor and Olivia Blakely vacationed on Sullivan’s Island with their families every summer. Their enthusiastic attempts to protect the Loggerhead sea-turtles earned them the name, “The Lights Out Club.”

Ten years later, Ellie heads to Sullivan’s Island to house-sit for her uncle, resolved to keep trash out of the water and lights out along the beachfront at night. At Ellie’s invitation, Olivia joins her on the island, eager to escape her failing marriage. It doesn’t take long for both women to realize that their summer will be anything but quiet and peaceful.

A new discovery leaves Olivia even more uncertain about her future, and Ellie finds herself falling for a handsome local musician named Pat. The unexpected arrival of Olivia’s older brother, Charlie—who happens to be Ellie’s ex-boyfriend—adds further complications as she navigates her new relationship. Meanwhile, Olivia grapples with the deteriorating relationship with her husband, Daniel, while finding herself undeniably attracted to Ben, Pat’s charming roommate. Just when everything seems to be falling into place, a tragic accident shakes them all. Ellie and Olivia must rely on their friendship more than ever as they face the unthinkable.

Set against the backdrop of the beautiful South Carolina Lowcountry, The Lights Out Club is a story of love, loss, and the unfailing devotion between two best friends.


Disclaimer: I was gifted this book by Emma, in exchange for formatting her manuscript.

This was Emma’s debut novel and it’s certainly the perfect summer read. Set in Charleston, SC it will remind readers of books by Mary Alice Monroe. Also, as someone whose been to Charleston on numerous occasions it was easy to visualize where the characters were and imagine the scenery surrounding them.

And the characters! I enjoyed reading the novel from the point of view of both Olivia and Ellie. Even though I didn’t agree with some of the choices the main characters made, I loved the insight as to why they did what they did and how they were affected by those choices. Emma also did a great job with giving us just enough backstory to show how each character’s past shaped their future and ultimately their decisions.

Also can we talk about the turtle ladies!? I had no idea that Charleston went to such lengths to protect the turtle population and I loved how Emma was able to weave this into the story. I’m definitely going to consider volunteering if I ever move to Charleston.

Overall, the characters were real and relatable, the pacing was good, I never felt bored, and the world building was amazing. If you’re planning an end of the summer vacation and need the perfect beach read definitely pick up this book.

Last but not least, I would love if Emma wrote a sequel. The ending wrapped up beautifully, but I’m curious to know what the future will hold for Ellie and Olivia. Who will they end up with? Where will they end up at?

P.S. Pat is an absolute saint. I need to find a version of him in the real world. :) 

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The Lights Out Club
By E.C. Woodham